AICURA drives the intelligent transformation of clinical drug development.

A Data Driven Platform Enabling Fast and Cost Efficient Clinical Drug Development.


Biopharma establishes data infrastructure to make clinical data available across sites and organisations. Seamless and fast integration into existing IT systems is key.

Machine Learning

Biopharma generates insights fast and cost efficiently using Machine Learning (ML) applications. Fast user adoption and repeatable workflows are key.

AICURA Platform Products - Adaptive, Fast, and Cost Efficient

Smart clinical trial

De-centralizing integration of complex data to enable innovative clinical trial set-ups.

Cohort Identification

Identifying the right participants and defining complex trial designs.

Imaging Solutions

Improving every step of the analysis pipeline, from imaging data acquisition to outcome generation.

Clinical Site Assessment

Identifying and characterizing sites suitable for the clinical trial.

Treatment Effectiveness Evaluation

Integrating insights generation in the clinical trial for adaptive designs.

Patient Outcome Research

Streamlining R&D on multimodal data via ML algorithms.

Increasing Productivity in Clinical Drug Development

End-to-End solution for clinical data management

Seamless integration into existing drug development data flows

Federated learning computes data across multiple sites