AICURA drives the intelligent transformation of clinical drug development

Data and Machine Learning (ML) can revolutionize clinical programs, but implementation in clinical settings presents a unique set of challenges

Accessing and harmonizing multimodal data from multiple sites

Scaling ML applications to support multiple clinical and research sites

Integrating ML applications seamlessly into complex clinical workflows

Adhering to strict regulations to ensure patient privacy & data security

Our Solution: The AICURA Platform

One platform that accelerates clinical research by managing the whole lifecycle of data and Machine Learning applications - from complex multimodal data integrations to insights generation


Integrate multimodal data across different sites for seamless data access, harmonization, management, and visualization.


Machine Learning

Deploy ML applications at scale to create insights and answer hard clinical questions in a seamless, secure, and cost-effective way.

Machine Learning

Improve the productivity of clinical programs

End-to-End solution for clinical data management

Access to high quality multimodal data

Seamless integration into existing drug development data flows

Medical image analysis capabilities and expertise

Deployment of machine learning applications at scale

Data computation using Federated learning across multiple sites