Unlocking the value of data in the healthcare industry.

While the healthcare industry produces large amounts of data each year, less than 3% of this data is actually used for healthcare AI apps - and even less for applications in clinical practice. Just because of the nature of data and existing technology limitations.

We needed to start the revolution.

Revolutionizing patient care with dedication and experience

We focus on bringing to market the technology necessary to enable the integration of siloed data into a common operating picture for the healthcare industry. The AICURA Platform addresses the core problems the healthcare industry faces today: the growing amount of data, the untapped value of economic and healthcare data, the difficulty to adapt and scale AI, and the repurposing of drugs & personalized medicine.

Through its patent-pending innovative technologies, AICURA allows AI applications to use healthcare data without data leaving its premises. This unlocks massive opportunities for innovation and new business models in the healthcare industry.


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Meet our team

Augusta Modestino
Ekaterina Alexandrova
Software Development
Silvia Burn
Business Development
Evelyn Medawar
Research and Development
Manasi Deshpande
Business Development
Daniel Lichterfeld
Managing Director
Jens Moewes
Janis Reinelt
Business Development
Konstantin Thierbach
Alberto Merola
Glad Mihai
Machine Learning
Christian Ludborzs
Software Development
Andrew Gontchar
Software Development
Oleksii Kudimenko
Nikolay Sorokin
Software Development
Manuel Kienast
Software Development
Anurag Negi