Unlocking the power of data in clinical research

AICURA is a leading AI company founded in 2018, dedicated to supporting biopharma in accelerating their clinical programs through advanced insights generated from complex multimodal data. Our team of experts, including, software engineers, data scientists, machine learning specialists, biomedical scientists, and medical doctors, works together to find answers to complex scientific questions, enabling the faster development of novel drug and new therapies.

Revolutionizing clinical drug development

At AICURA, we are on a mission to revolutionize clinical drug development and unlock the full potential of complex medical data. With five patent-pending technologies the AICURA Platform streamlines clinical data workflows and the deployement of machine learning at scale on underutilized clinical data.


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Meet our team

Daniel Lichterfeld
Founder and CEO
Jens Moewes
Augusta Modestino (PhD)
Head of Strategy
Alberto Merola (PhD)
Head of Product Management
Dr. Med. Janis Reinelt
Head of Business Development
Konstantin Thierbach (PhD)
Head of Technology
Dr. Paul Glad Mihai
Machine Learning
Ekaterina Alexandrova
Product Management
Manuel Kienast
Software Development
Oleksii Kudimenko
Evelyn Medawar
Research and Development
Andrew Gontchar
Software Development
Nikolay Sorokin
Software Development
Anurag Negi
Product Management
Silvia Burn
Business Development
Manasi Deshpande
Business Development