AICURA, KMS and Recare take a look into the future together

The symbiosis of AI and proven technologies predicts the ideal discharge date and ensures timely follow-up care.


AICURA, KMS and Recare take a look into the future together

Health care providers work at great expense to ensure the best possible patient care. It is important to use existing resources sensibly and to plan capacities precisely. This is exactly where the solution from AICURA and KMS - the VWD APP - comes into play. This predicts the discharge date based on the relevant patient data available so that the transfer and discharge can be coordinated optimally via the Recare platform of Recare Deutschland GmbH.

According to Maximilian Greschke, CEO and co-founder of Recare, one of the biggest challenges in the clinical process is the timely start of the entire discharge management process with a sensibly planned discharge date: “The legislator has taken up exactly this problem within the framework of the Hospital Future Act and predicted the optimal discharge date based on artificial ones Intelligence made eligible. With this we offer our customers a strong overall package: Networking with the downstream service providers via Recare and thus the fulfillment of all MUST criteria for digital discharge management as well as the prediction of the discharge date with KMS and AICURA via the can criterion. "

The VWD app is intended to provide goal-oriented and patient-centered assistance to all professional groups who have an influence on the patient's individual length of stay throughout the treatment process. The data access via the eisTIK® data warehouse avoids additional documentation work for the specialists in patient care.

In addition, the app is based on the latest machine learning methods. While most algorithms are rule-based, more and more technologies are being used that can generate knowledge from data themselves.

With a view to the direct benefit in the treatment process, Janis Reinelt, Head of Business Development at Aicura Medical, is also very positive about the new joint approach: “As a medical professional, I am convinced that the use of learning systems based on artificial intelligence Will revolutionize medicine. However, the clinical use of AI is just beginning. Many AI applications are still in the research stage and there is no scalable infrastructure that simplifies the development and integration of AI applications in clinical practice. Through our cooperation, we not only develop the necessary technical basis for the use of AI in medicine, but also demonstrate the added value of data-driven applications on a specific application from practice. "

The on-site team receives valuable support from the tool chain from AICURA, KMS and Recare in planning the further course of treatment and discharge management. With this AI-generated knowledge, the specialists on site can concentrate on the work on the patient and arrive at an optimally timed process in the daily treatment routine.

With a view to the cooperation, Nils Wittig, Chief Experience Officer of KMS, is pleased: “Our goal was to use new technologies to achieve relevant qualitative added value for users in hospitals and patients on the basis of existing data. Together we are taking a big step into a more digital future that has patient journeys in view beyond the hospital stay and enables specialist staff to concentrate more on their actual core task of patient care - this should always be included in the digital transformation Have an eye . "

About Recare
With more than 500 acute and rehabilitation clinics and over 13,000 other service providers, Recare is the largest digital platform for discharge management in terms of the number of active contractual partners in Germany. 

The digital platform enables the efficient search for care places in the areas of care transfer, hospital relocation, follow-up treatment and the associated organization of patient transport and aids. Based on a digital patient profile, various service providers are contacted and care options for the planned discharge date are collected.

About KMS
With over 80 employees, K | M | S is the most important technological pacemaker for knowledge management in the German healthcare industry. As a strategic partner, we support our customers in their work and decision-making processes. This creates transparency and decision-making security. Our products and services offer sustainable benefits. We are leaders in the field of operational and strategic control tools.