The AICURA Platform

Transform clinical drug development and research workflows

Integrate, manage, access complex multimodal data on AICURA infrastructure to extract advanced insights by developing Machine Learning applications at scale

Our team helps biopharma to navigate the challenges in clinical programs

Sub-optimal trial design

AICURA uses data to optimally design clinical trials, ensuring the success of clinical programs.

High clinical trial costs

AICURA uses advanced analytics to select the right patient population for clinical trials, minimizing costs of clinical programs.

Underutilized imaging data

AICURA automates advanced image analysis pipelines to provide valuable and trusted insights that inform the development of new treatments.

High failure rates

AICURA improves the success rate of your clinical programs through its focus on high-quality data, and accurate and consistent analysis.

Features to address key challenges

Data Integration

Integrating and harmonizing multimodal data allows access to high-quality data to help you make informed decisions and drive better outcomes.

Data Analysis

Multimodal data analysis functionalities integrate into existing workflows, enhancing insights generation and driving innovation in operations.

ML Application Lifecycle

Develop, deploy and manage ML applications via one platform, which are scalable across clinical sites, enabling you to make your clinical trials more efficient.

Privacy Compliance

The Platform is GDPR and HIPAA compliant. It provides privacy for sensitive medical data and helps you own the data in a secure manner.