Focus on algorithm development.

We take care of the rest.

AICURA Platform reduces the high barriers of entry for AI developers into the healthcare industry and optimizes the processes of finding and using healthcare data and of bringing an AI app to market.

AICURA Platform for AI Developers

90% reduction of development time

AICURA IDE is an integrated development environment. It allows AI app developers to develop component-based applications using real hospital data at a fraction of the time and cost. Using the AICURA IDE to develop AI applications results in up to 90% reduction of development time. The AICURA IDE allows the developer to only focus on developing the algorithms and takes care of everything else. Processes such as acquiring and curating data are taken care of by AICURA. Also, training, validation, publishing and predicting are done automatically by the platform. 

Healthcare app development made fun

Focus on developing algorithms only

Image coding

Finally work with hospital generated data a safe way

Automized data harmonization and quality control

Unique features and benefits for the apps being developed

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Significantly less coding and scripting resulting in less coding time and effort

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Develop component-based applications that make it easier for developers to benefit from unique features

AICURA App Store – Bring your AI app to market in a blink

Make it available for thousands of users searching for solutions. The AICURA App Store is the market place for your app to become successful. 

The AICURA App Store