Get patient care to the level after next.

Through patent pending technologies AICURA Platform makes possible the safe and compliant use of hospital generated data, by third party AI developers, without data leaving the hospital. This data is used to train complex AI prediction models (apps) that in turn can support hospitals with operational efficiency and medical decision-making. The hospital has access to these apps, through an easy to navigate app store and can bring innovations into their daily routine at the ease of a click.

Let’s bring AI into hospitals’ day to day practices.

The best decision ever. Each and every day.

AICURA platform requires little to no integration of additional apps to be used effectively in hospital infrastructure. It allows for real life healthcare data to be used by 3rd party AI developers without data leaving the hospital. This ensures that data will be used in a safe and compliant way. Apps are trained with data from several hospitals which makes for more robust and stable apps providing the basic conditions for easier industry certification processes. 

Let’s level up hospitals with AICURA

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Data compliant solution that is easy to integrate to existing infrastructure

Massive cost savings.

Gain operational efficiency

Access the latest healthcare innovation at the ease of a few clicks

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Best premise for medical decisions 

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Cooperation environment for AI innovations

50 PB

of data genereted per year by one hospital alone


of hospital data is being used for AI apps


of innovations are not happening

AICURA App Store – The meeting point of hospital staff and AI innovations

The AICURA App Store enables hospitals to have access to all innovations in the platform with ease and little need for integration and customization. It is a market place where users can download medical and non-medical apps that improve hospital operations and patient care.

The AICURA App Store