Use Cases

Machine learning application use cases to accelerate your clinical programs


White Matter Lesion Segmentation

White matter lesions can be used as biomarkers to evaluate neurodegenerative disorders. Our application streamlines volumetric assessment of lesion load on MRI images, enabling the objective analysis of the biomarker.

Brain Tumor Segmentation

Our application automates the identification of brain tumor regions in MRI images, accurately differentiating between enhancing tumors (glioma), edema, and necrosis. This can aid in more precise and consistent participant selection and endpoint assessment.

Neurodegenerative Disease Classification

Our application aids in the identification of patients with a particular neurodegenerative disorder, which is early-stage Alzheimer's disease, by using MRI images, enabling more precise identification of trial participants.

AD Feasibility Study

Our application assesses the feasibility of a clinical trial on a specific cohort of participants at a particular center and provides statistical data on features relevant to Alzheimer's Disease studies for that cohort.

AD Patient Identification

Our application identifies individuals suitable for a specific analysis in a given center. It provides statistical data on features relevant to Alzheimer's Disease studies at an individual level, giving an indication of how well that person would fit the analysis.


Cohort Identification

Our application automates the process of identifying patient cohorts across multiple clinical sites and registries, providing a targeted and data-driven approach to qualify patient pools in clinical sites.